Summer 7s

UPDATE 6/17/12: Formal sevens practices have ended for the summer. We will pick up Fall 15s sometime in July/August.

Hey all,

I know you are just winding down from the Spring 15s season, but I wanted to let you know that 7s practices will be starting soon! For the new players, 7s is a smaller version of 15s that is more focused on speed, agility and skill. Playing 7s will increase your 15s skills immensely!! I would encourage everyone to come out regardless of your size or typical position. We aren’t playing “pull out” 7s anymore, its more like 15s but with much less contact.

Summer 7s is completely voluntary and is for fun. That doesn’t mean that we will just screw around at practice, if there are people that play, we will keep practicing. Anyways, here are all the details:

Wendy Young
Traci Schmidtke
Email us!

Practice Times
*Practice starts 5/16*
M/W 7:30-9pm
Burnet Middle School

We are combining with the UT 7s team this summer for practice so we can have as many numbers as possible. The Valkyries and UT will have their own 7s teams at tournaments.

See the 7s Google Doc, put your name next to the tournament you would like to attend. We also need someone to be “in charge” or a tournament or two so we can spread out the responsibility.

Tournament Fees
We will divide Tournament entry fee by the number of players attending. Entry fees will be paid prior to the tournament since the team/coaches will have to front the fee.

Facebook Group – Please join this if group as we don’t want to clog the regular list serv with 7s emails, but will use this group instead.

7s Videos – Still not convinced? Watch some of the videos I have, 7s is a blast!

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