7s is now an official Olympic sport! That’s right! Now you can train hard and represent your country with a version of the game we love so much.

Rugby 7s is a variant of rugby in which teams are made up of seven players, instead of the usual 15, with shorter matches. It’s played under substantially the same laws (Kick-offs being the major difference; In sevens, the team which has just scored kicks off, rather than the conceding team, as in fifteen-a-side) and on a field of the same dimensions as the 15-player game. While a normal rugby match lasts at least 80 minutes, a normal sevens match consists of two halves of seven minutes each with a one-minute half-time break. Scoring occurs much more frequently in sevens since the defenders are more spaced out. This equates to loads of sprints!

Typically, the 15s season runs from late August through the end of April, leaving 7s season as May through August.

More details to come about the upcoming season. Have questions?
Email us!

Practice Times
Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Hun’s Rugby Fields
4107 Nixon Lane, Austin, Tx 78725

Competitive Tournaments:

Jun 25th- RRRC 1
Jul 9th- RRRC 2
Jul 23rd- RRRC 3
Aug 13th- Championships

Social Tournaments:
Jun 18th- Bloodfest
Jul 29-30th- Pitch a Tent

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