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There’s now a new way for alumni to stay involved with the Valkyries! We’re opening up social memberships to all alumni and supporters! What this means is you’re privy to all our listserv emails (digest format; one a day max, if any; optional), you’re entitled to a warm up shirt, invited to any event the Valkyries hold for the players, access to order any team kit the players may order, and most importantly, you’re eligible to run for any officer position on the board during annual elections!

Social membership will cost the same as current players ($100 per season) but as an introductory offer, you can become a social member for just $50! As a card carrying member, you can stay connected to your favorite team and help us fundraise at the same time. WIN-WIN! If this is something you’re interested in click “Buy Now” below.

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Currently, there are a few ways to join the Alumni & Fans for Valks. You can join via Email please email recruiting@austinvalkyries.com or join us via Facebook or on Twitter.

The group listerv will have only 1 to 2 messages a month and will solely used as a communication of Alumni events, Game times, Fund Raising Events or kudos to players that have made Select Side or National Team venues. We appreciate your support and patience as we work towards the goal of involving all veteran Valkyries and/or support groups.

If you know someone that might be interested in this group…feel free to pass their information onto Wendy Young at webmaster@austinvalkyries.com and she will add them.

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Alumni through the Years


No details.

1995 – None

1996 – None

1997 – None

1998 or 1999

From Kim Davis: West Championship tourney in 1998 or 99.  Dallas was still defunct and weren’t cipped, so we picked up some of their players to cipp with us so we’d have a full side for West.  The fields were covered in goose poop because rain had forced us off the nice pitches at the University in Kansas City and onto some very rural secondary fields on the Missouri side of the river.  We drove up there in two vans, and one van got lost in Dallas and nearly ended up in Texarkana on the way home.  It was so muddy that year that Mona made us wash the mud off our bodies using parking lot puddles and our own dirty socks before she’d let us get into the rental vans.  Luckily, she had also made us set aside a clean set of clothes so we didn’t have to ride back to the hotel in our knickers.

From Janna Swain: This is from the Valks’ first trip to Western Regionals, was the 98-99


Mardi Gras Tournament


From Kate Nichol: Lineout pic is Austin against? around 2000.  Damn, we are high!


From Kate Nichol: Austin reps of the 1st Texas Select Side, playing in the High Desert Classic.



From Kate Nichol: Back row pic is from the scrimmage when Ken Hudson was coaching us.


From Kim Davis: This photo is from Wests, also in Kansas, and probably in 2002 or so.  We were significantly classier by then.


From Kate Nichol: Austin v Alamo City. ca 2002


From Kim Davis: This photo is from West, Kyle & Erik were both coaching.
From Janna Swain: I remember because I was trying everything I could to be rehabbed enough from a serious sprained ankle to play that April (estimated Spring 2001 or 2002).

From Kim Davis: This photo is from West, Kyle & Erik were both coaching.

From Janna Swain: I remember because I was trying everything I could to be rehabbed enough from a serious sprained ankle to play that April (estimated Spring 2001 or 2002).


No details.


From Kate Nichol: JJ and Laura Mac as Eagles


From Kate Nichol: Meg making a tackle at Pumpkinfest 2004.  Kate N in support.


From Kate Nichol: Austin v Coast womens rugby, 2004 challenge match. You kicked our butts!


Best of the West Champions 2006


Valkyries vs Glendale Lady Raptors in Glendale, CO. We played in the new Infiniti Rugby Stadium in Colorado. 7 cameras caught all the action and it was amazing to say the least.


Hurricane Ike 2008 – We were supposed to play Glendale in Austin but they did not come, it was 75 degrees and absolutely beautiful so our Bside played TX State.

Valks 2009 – Boston for Sweet 16s
2010 – Pumpkinfest Tournament Champions!
Valks 2011 – League Match against Denver Black Ice


Unknown Photos

No details.

Unknown Year

From Kim Davis: I was stopping a nose bleed inflicted by my teammate in a Texas Select Side Game against one of the Colorado teams in Colorado Springs. They eventually cut the strings off the tampons so I could drink without trailing the strings in it.  After those got soaked through (from the nosebleed, not the beverage) we used another set.  I’m still paying for the surgery from straightening my nose out (seriously).

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