Each semester, every player is required to earn 10 team hours.  This to help spread out responsibilities amongst the team and encourage players to give back to the community.  When the Valkyries volunteer with other events we spread a positive image about both rugby as a whole and specifically our team.  You can earn hours through things like

1. Taking Equipment To and From Games – Equipment may include balls, cones, jerseys, shade tents, and water bottles. When volunteering to take either the jerseys or the water bottles, you must wash them after a game before bringing them back to practice.
2. Community Service Events – There will be opportunities to volunteer for things like Marathon Kids, Alma de Mujer, local race events, helping with other divisions tournaments and more.
3. Fund Raising Events – The Valkyries will fundraise throughout the semester to earn money for tournament and match fees, stipends on trips and fun team activities.  Working fundraiser events will earn you team hours.
4. Hosting Teams – You can earn hours if you volunteer to host opposing team members.  These responsibilities include providing transportation as well as housing.
5. Providing Food/Drinks – Team hours can be earned when the Valkyries host after game parties or cookouts by bringing essential needed items such as chips, drinks, beer, appetizers, burgers, veggie or fruit plates, desserts, coolers of ice, etc.

Suggestions for volunteer opportunities are always welcome. If there’s an event you want a group of hearty valks to help out at, send an email to the officers and chances are we can organize a group and give hours for it.

What happens if I don’t/can’t accomplish 10 hours?
At the end of every semester each unearned hour is worth $20.  Meaning, if you were to accomplish only 8 hours you would owe the Valkyries $40.

Coaches and officers are exempt from acquiring hours, as are players if they have to commute 2 hours or more to practice.

If you have any questions please email me.