We’re having our first game on Saturday but before that, I need everyone to update their paperwork.

If you are new, please provide me with a photocopy of your drivers license and insurance card, an emergency contact number, a list of medications being taken, and/or any allergies.

This is the way it should be structured:
on one page
at the top, a photocopy of your insurance card and drivers license
at the bottom, an emergency contact number and a list of medications, allergies, medical conditions

The bottom can then be folded over and/or stapled for privacy reasons.
Please bring me two copies, one for the ambulance and one for the hospital.

If I have your paperwork, but you have recently changed insurance please bring me a new photocopy with all the above information.
If you have started taking a new medication or have developed a new and exciting allergy, you can pencil it in to your existing paperwork.  I always bring the medical book with me to practice, just remember to bring something to write with.